Summer is almost here, and most of us have started making plans for the much-needed summer break. Whether you are traveling solo, with friends or family, fishing is a great option to unwind and relax. And there is no place like the Green River in Utah for fly fishing in summer. Located on the Eastern edge of the Uinta Mountains, this fishing hotspot offers excellent fishing opportunities to anglers, both new and experienced. If you are looking for budget-friendly guided fly fishing trips in Utah, Dupe A Fish can help plan the perfect trip. June to August offers some of the best summer fly fishing adventures here.


The abundant cicada hatch is one of the many reasons that make the Green River a fisherman’s paradise. During early May and mid-June, when the ground temperature hits mid 60’s, the cicadas start emerging. As cicadas are not great flyers, they usually land on the water, covering most of the river’s surface. Their presence attracts the fish in the water, especially trout, which strike hard to grab them. Anglers use cicadas as bait for trout fishing in the Green River, Utah. The best technique to catch the fish is to let it eat the fly before setting the hook.


Not only does July offer the driest conditions, but it also provides a variety of terrestrial and aquatic insects to the trout. Anglers flock to the lower section of the river for fishing. Yellow Sally Stoneflies, Caddis, and PMD mayflies are some of the best options to use as bait to catch trout fish in the Green River.


The Green River offers great fishing opportunities with plenty of healthy trout and warm weather to the anglers in August. During this time of the season, trout are very active and mainly feed on grasshoppers, beetles, and flying ants. Anglers find it easy to hook trout using dry flies as baits.

Author: Christian Bacasa

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