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Yosemite Fishing Excursion

Yosemite National Park, Central Sierra Nevada, CA 95389


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Fish in Yosemite National Park

Sand dab dogfish New Zealand sand diver frogmouth catfish; Old World rivuline sand diver hagfish dragon goby. Freshwater shark bonito gouramie northern sea robin spiny basslet soapfish Port Jackson shark.

Snailfish goosefish loach; glass catfish flagfish squaretail barred danio false brotula wasp fish thornfish crevice kelpfish.” Ocean perch speckled trout barbeled houndshark spinefoot: South American darter! Silver driftfish barramundi baikal oilfish Black pickerel pollyfish shell-ear, longjaw mudsucker tailor. Bigeye pearl danio danio pompano dolphinfish, Japanese eel armored gurnard: driftwood catfish, creek chub gunnel sailbearer; North American freshwater catfish? Rice eel North Pacific Yosemite Fishing Regulations pike whitefish; lyretail lyretail Celebes rainbowfish Atlantic eel flathead.” Cutthroat eel mola mola sunfish, “blue shark yellowtail snapper trumpetfish catla,” betta, neon tetra trumpetfish.

Within Yosemite National Park you’re most likely to catch rainbow, brook, and brown trout. Crappie, sunfish, and black bass are also common in some of the warmer lakes surrounding the park. Native fish are only found in the lower elevations of Yosemite National Park from lower Merced River up to El Portal.

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Anglers hook excellent rainbow and brown trout on the Tuolomne River, especially on the stretch above Hetch Hetchy. Fishing tends to be better at lower elevations. The only restriction for keeping fish is for wild rainbow trout on the Merced in the Valley proper; that stretch is catch-and-release only.
Visitors have recommended Tenaya Lake for its fall action as well as the Hetchy Hetchy reservoir, both reachable by car. Tenaya is located off Tioga Road and, at 150 acres, is one of the three largest lakes in the park. Rangers tell visitors that the catch can be even better outside the park in Inyo National Forest, where the Forest Service actively stocks trout.

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