After years of booking destination fishing trips, we couldn’t help but ask, “why isn’t there an easier way to book fishing trips?”  With nothing available that met our needs, we decided to do it ourselves.  We designed a platform that would allow us and our friends to identify destinations faster, then book the trip while safely and confidently managing our expenses, and building our confidence that we are booking the right trip for us.  We wanted to make it easy for everyone. Now we have a place that anglers can have confidence in finding the right destination and booking with ease.  Needless to say, we would love nothing more than for you to book a trip, then have your perfect adventure of a lifetime!

Our Mission

Dupe a Fish is dedicated to putting people in touch with fish & having fun on the water.  With years of accumulated DIY travel and booking experiences, we know how hard it is to customize a trip to you and or your groups’ particular needs.

Let our comprehensive list of service providers guide you in selecting the perfect trip for you and your party.  Book a trip now and have your own adventure of a lifetime!

Our Story

Brothers from other Mothers, Christian Bacasa and Todd Jurgensen met on an annual fishing trip among friends.  Instantly they saw the passion and addiction for fishing that they both possessed and decided to build something to help others get outdoors.

Our goal was to reduce the effort to book trips by providing the quality, variety, and an angler’s open-door mentality that we would want to experience ourselves.  Next, we traveled as much as two hard-working guys could to find the areas and guides that provide a top notch experience.

The knowledge and friendships we gained put us in a position to provide what we believe is the highest quality and variety of angling service providers available in one location. All so you can quickly and securely find and book the trip that is right for you or your group. We would love nothing more than for you to easily book a trip, then have and share your perfect adventure of a lifetime with us!

Christian Bacasa | Co-founder

Todd Jurgensen | Co-founder