Salt Lake City gets its name from the expanse of the Bonneville flats but the gorgeous lake city doesn’t stand alone. It is surrounded by various other water lakes which are also great spots for anglers. Here is a look at 5 locations anglers love to fish at, near Salt Lake.

Jordanelle Reservoir

The Jordanelle river is well known for the variety of fish available. You can find tons of Smallmouth Bass, Kokanee Salmon, Brown and Rainbow Trout. Jordanelle is very near to Park city, and there are at least three different places you need to visit if you are at Jordanelle.

The very first is Hailstone, which is located on the west side of the lake. Here you can find all things necessary for fishing like rentals, foot boats etc. Later you can visit Rock cliff and lastly, Ross creek, if you want to enjoy some quiet time away from a swarm of boaters.

Willard Bay Reservoir

The Willard Bay Reservoir is a section that is about 45 minutes drive from Saltwater lake city. The Willard Bay Reservoir is a well-maintained site for fishing with open access to beaches and marinas. It is a playground for local anglers during summertime. If you have kids, they can have a great time here reeling in fishes, such as Crappie, Bluegill and Sunfish.

Twin Lakes Reservoir

If you’re spending your summer in Saltwater Lake City, you must visit the Twin Lakes Reservoir for fishing. The beautiful lake is inside the neck of Cottonwood Canyon, and it is stocked up with Trout, Bonneville cutthroat and plenty of small baits too.

Strawberry Reservoir

The Strawberry Reservoir is located near the Uinta National Forest, it’s the one that’s the farthest on this list but worth the trip. This massive body of water has a huge marina, lots of bank access, and rentals too. The strawberry reservoir is simply one of the most famous in the entire country for its huge trout fishery. Rainbow and Trout reach very large sizes in cold waters. One of the best times to visit the Reservoir is during the summer times since most of these services are closed in winter.

Weber River

Last but not least on this list is the Weber river, one of the most iconic places to catch Trout. It has also received a special award for its waters. The Upper Webber River is home to Rainbow Trout during the Summers, while Middle has Brown Trout all year round. If you’re looking to catch trout, this is the place to visit!

Author: Christian Bacasa

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