Green River, Utah, is a well-known destination for fishing. Going on a guided fly fishing trip to Utah is on most anglers’ bucket lists. Not only does the place offer scenic beauty, but it also has an abundant diversity of trout. If you are wondering whether a Green River fishing trip is worth it, here are a few unbeatable reasons that may help you make up your mind.

The best dry fly fishery worldwide

Utah’s Green River is amazing for the dry fly fishery. In late January, the midges arrive, and they transition into the BWO hatch. You may also witness multiple Blue Wings on overcast days. Between early and mid-May, both Cicadas and Blue Wings are found in the Green River in abundance. They fetch the fish to the surface, even from deep waters. From late April to early November, midges, cicadas, and blue wings can be seen on the banks of the river. Midge hatches and small BWO are found in the waters during the winter months. That way, the Green River is filled with terrestrials throughout the year, allowing dry fly fishing all year long.

Plenty trout fish

Did you know that the Green River is flooded with a variety of trout? Anglers have the time of their lives trout fishing in the Green River, Utah. The Flaming Gorge area offers plenty of Rainbow, Brown, Cutthroat, Lake, and Brook Trout. It is the best Lake Trout fishery. Here, anglers can catch in the lower 48, with 40-pounders regularly. If you are looking to fish Cutthroat trout, the best spot is Flaming Gorge and Sheep Creek where you find the trout up to 20-inch. You can find and fish Brook Trout in several mountain creeks. The Green River has an abundance of Browns and Bows.


The streamer season in the Green River lasts long. Streamers attract large fish with ease and are the go-to fly for most anglers.

Author: Christian Bacasa

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